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Whales along Florida’s coast are one of the most thrilling sights in nature. Their presence also indicates an ecosystem in balance. But the future of these incredible animals is threatened. Your purchase of a Protect Florida Whales license plate helps leading researchers, such as Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, save our whales for future generations. This is the only plate in the state of Florida custom-designed by renowned environmental artist Wyland!

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Protect Florida Whales Specialty Plate

How the funds protect our whales

Whales are threatened by disease, loss of habitat, and other factors that lead to an average of one stranding per week along Florida’s coastline.

As enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida, funds from the Protect Florida whales Specialty License Plate can be used to:

  • Collect, analyze, and archive scientific data regarding whale populations that inhabit, utilize, or migrate in state waters
  • Provide care and assistance to stranded whales
  • Construct and maintain a Harbor-Branch-based teaching marine mammal hospital
  • Train veterinary students in the rescue, medical and rehabilitation treatment, and release and postrelease monitoring of stranded whales
  • Distribute information for the purpose of protecting and preserving whales
  • Identify whale populations
  • Conduct scientific research through genetic, telemetry, bioacoustical, and photographic identification research programs
  • Advance the research technology associated with tracking, monitoring, and categorizing whales
  • Develop methods of monitoring whale movements
  • Provide for methods of early-warning detection systems and advance notification that will help prevent accidental boat strikes in state waters


A portion of the funds support educational programs in Florida by the Wyland Foundation, Promoting the conservation of Florida marine mammals.

Learn more at www.fau.edu/hboi. (To order a plate directly from HBOI, visit www.protectfloridawhales.org) Or see what the Wyland Foundation is doing to help our planet at www.wylandfoundation.org